Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Personal List: 7 Celebrities in Video Game Commercials

To hear that Robin Williams committed suicide yesterday is perhaps one of the most tragic things I've heard this year. The man was a legend, a beloved figure who touched the hearts of all who saw his movies. Consider this list a tribute to him as we look back memory lane to see celebrities embracing their love of games.

7. Bryan Cranston - Megaforce (1982)

In this extremely old ad for Megaforce for the Atari, Bryan Cranston, future star of "science b!tching" Breaking Bad makes in appearence. He inserts the game into the Atari, um, turns into a motorcyclist(?) and some, err, weird stuff happens.
Surprisingly, Jack Thompson wasn't all over this stuff after Cranston destroys his room.

6. Christian Bale - Mrs. Pac-Man Cereal (1983)
Before his intense and infamous rant as well as some movies involving giant robots and terrifying ninja turtles, a little Christian Bale starred in a ridiculously '80s cereal commercial for Mrs. Pac-Man cereal. Also; those dance moves. Accompanying lyrics include:
"Pac-man's cereal's got a new surprise; when ya look inside, it's shocking! *whistles*"

5. Evel Knievel - Crash Bandicoot: Warped (1998)
In a really awkward-looking ad, Evel Knievel teaches the Crash Bandicoot guy how to do some motorcycle stunts. 75% percent of the commercial involves talking, 10%  moronic procedures, such as raising up and waving and 15% advertisement. Boring? Yes. Weird? Certainly so.

4. Paul Rudd - SNES Commercial (Unknown Date)
In  SNES commercial, a teenaged Paul Rudd plays a a smorgasbord of beloved SNES games while making some really awkward faces with random shots of people walking.

3. Heidi Klum - Guitar Hero: World Tour (2008)
 In a commercial making fun of Tom Cruise in Risky Business, Heidi Klum rocks out on a plastic Guitar Hero guitar before starting to undress into her lingerie and walk towards us. It should be seductive, but it just comes across as discomforting and kinda perv-y.

2. Jack Black - Pitfall (1982)
At the ripe age of thirteen, Jack Black gives an excited and memorably overacted speech about being lost in the jungle with Pitfall Harry. This is followed by several other testaments, but WHO CARES?! It's all about Jack Black and his crazily excited talking.

1. Robin Williams - Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D (2011)
"Dad, are you mixing me up with the princess again?"
"Hard to say, you're both pretty magical."
Robin Williams was one of the biggest Zelda fans of all time, even going as far to name his daughter after the titular princess, Zelda. Who wouldn't want to hang out with the guy?
In one of the greatest commercials of all time, when Zelda Williams asks him if she's confusing her with Princess Zelda, he utters the famous words, "Hard to say, you're both pretty magical." Carpe Diem, Robin, and godspeed.

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