Saturday, May 3, 2014

Personal Lists: Top 3 Times I Got Lucky

Best. Ikea. Decoration. Ever.
This time I'll try to release a post in good time. As an apology, here's a completely unrelated photo of me.
Anyway, the focus of today's list is of those times I got lucky in the Pokemon series. Filler? Possibly. Quality? I dunno.

3. All those damn times that Blue showed up
Blue. Craig. Douche. Whatever you call him, you know you wanted to punch his teeth in. The guy's one of the most hated characters in gaming. Clad with a crapload of hair and a snotty attitude, this bastard refuses to let you go.
Let it also be pointed out the Professor Oak hates his son to such an extent that he hasn't even bothered to remember his name. I don't blame him.
Every single time I played FireRed and LeafGreen as a stupid little kid, I always trained only my starter Pokemon, using the others as slaves to do my bidding. Those were the days when Cut was a necessity and Rock Smash was an HM. Dreadful.
He always seemed to have the perfect team. Can't really blame him when you look at my awesome team-building skills:
-Charizard, Lvl. 63
-Ratatta, Lvl. 2
-Pidgey, Lvl. 4
I always won by just a hair, and thank GOD I did. I never really go to experience the whole game, though. When I found out the tool became Pokemon Champion, I must've called the game something along the lines of "poopy stupidpants". Is that what the kids are into these days?
2. Every Single Roaming Pokemon. They Suck.
Let me take the moment to point out this picture was
aptly named "Download.jpg". What a great name.
Ah, roaming Pokemon. The guys just refuse to sit down for one second. By far the worst is in
HG/SS, where even if you have a Pokemon with an ability like Arena Trap, they can just Roar away.
To be completely honest, I don't even know how I do it, but sometimes I just get lucky, snagging one of these idiots without using a Master Ball. There's not much to it, but these guys are the stuff of nightmares. They come, they saw, and they ran away. It's like a half-assed version of "Veni, Vidi, Vici."

1. **Shinies**
Ah, yes. Shinies. what meth was to Breaking Bad (never saw that), Shiny hunting is to Pokemon. That being said, expect a lot of it.
First, let it be said that I was never that into IVs, EVs, UVs, whatever the heck they're called. I just love shiny Pokemon because, well, THEY'RE SHINY POKEMON. That's just how awesome they are.
I've come across many shinies. Yes, there have been event ones such as the Shiny Pichu, legendary dogs, Haxorus, Gyrados, etc, but I'm sticking to the ones I found by chance, namely Tentacool, two Gravelers (both of which blew themselves up), Avalugg, and Hoppip (there are probably others). While my first one was the Tentacool (Hoenn region, the route above Slateport near the factory place you get to by Surfing), my fondest memories come from Pokemon SoulSilver. If I may:
It was two or three years ago. My game crashed from glitched Mews and underleveled legendaries I transferred from my cosuin's hacked Sapphire. It was frustrating, but I played again.
The year after, I still hadn't completed the game, so I made a new account. I got all the way to the first gym and tried to save.
It didn't work.
I forgot that the games had this stupid child-protection thing so that accounts couldn't be easily deleted. I was evidently frustrated and started again.
To my sheer amazement, though, after being offered Oak's suitcase, I marveled at the Pokemon.
Should I choose Chikorita? Nah, I'm not into him. Totodile? Probably. What about Cyndaquil, I always use him. He's pretty...... HOLY CRAP ISH A FACKING SHINY!!!
Yes, you heard correctly. The first Pokemon I saw in that game was a shiny, and I'm pretty damn happy about it.

Anyway, come back tommorow. I'll try to post the interview, so until then Au revoir.

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