Saturday, May 10, 2014

Dear Nintendo: Soundtracks

Dear Nintendo,
It pains me and probably thousands of people that Japan practically gets everything. You guys get all the cool stuff, and all the games you guys have all to yourself; North America-exclusive games are practically unheard of, with the exception of such mind-blowing games as Bible Adventures, Bodyworks Voyager (look it up), and the ever-so-famous Color a Dinosaur on the NES.
I could go on about this, but the real issue I'd like to address is soundtracks.
WE DON'T HAVE MANY. Like, at all. Nintendo, we love you, but this is ridiculous.
Sure, we might have some like Super Mario Galaxy, Majora's Mask.... but look at ALL OF THESE. And those are only the ones that Mario is in.
Most recently, you made the Super Mario 3D World Soundtrack. Interestingly, it was made available everywhere for once... Oh wait, they did everywhere but the freaking US. Even the bloody Aussies get to listen to it but I guess Americans just don't care enough.
I'm the kind of person who goes on Youtube to listen to his music. Even when I was five, I popped on the GBA and listened until the power ran out to the music, every chiptune beat now engraved in my memory. So why not just shovel it on your disks and put them up for the US to buy?
Sure, maybe they wouldn't sell as well as great in the West, but that doesn't mean they won't sell at all. On Club Nintendo you have screensavers and accessories; what we really want is something to pop in the old CD player and listen to.
I know it won't happen overnight, but dangit, I really want it to. I speak on behalf of every Nintendo fan when I say "please, we just want the music."

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