Saturday, April 19, 2014

Nintendo Force Review

Having grown up with Nintendo Power since I was eight, it was pretty hard to let go of the fact that I was never going to get another issue again. I even regularly check the website, a bitersweet relic of the days long gone. I miss those evenings, where hours of reading occured, I miss the NP crew, of Hassling the Hoff, the jokes of Big the Cat, Chris Slate's launch into space..... You can kind of see the writing style reflected onto here. Oh yeah, and I also hate Big the Cat..... but really, who doesn't?
It wasn't until earlier this year where I was browsing at Kickstarter and discovered Nintendo Force. True enough, it was the spiritual successor to NP. While it could be called a "rip-off", it's more attuned to an homage. It has Power Profiles, Retro Flashbacks (is that what they're called?), Don't Anger the Ox (a reference to Don't Hassle the Hoff), pages dedicated to the gaming community, interviews, and Yeah/Unyeah (similar to A Winner Is.../Dodongo Dislikes). Even if it may not be considered "original" by any means, it holds up.
The first thing to notice is the nifty little poster bundled with the magazine. A nice hand-drawn Mario Kart 8 homage.

As for the magazine, dear God is it good. It managed to up the ante, making it possibly even better than NP. The reviews and previews were well-written, it kept the great elements of NP, and it added more. For example, it brought back cartoon breaks and expanded upon the Retro sections. Furthermore, no advertisements. That's dozens of ad-free pages. It only proves how selfless the magazine is, not selfishly making money off of ads stuffed in between pages.
I don't want to spoil too much, but if you loved Nintendo Power, Nintendo Force is the way to go. I fully approve.

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