Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Everything About Video Games: Now Avaliable in Catinese!

Here at the HQ we are happy to announce that our blog is now available for the leisurely enjoyment of cats! This is a huge milestone for us as we can finally appeal to the broader audience. Considering that half our viewership are felines, this is a great step forwards for us, as they can finally enjoy it to the maximum potential.
As you can evidently see, my kitten is very excited by this great news. She doesn't want to show her face right now because she doesn't want you to see the sheer excitement she's going through right now!
To celebrate, I've posted an exclusive post only for the blog! Go check it out! (http://meow-mew-vg.blogspot.com/) I'll see you there!
Oh Yeah, and April Fools!

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