Saturday, March 22, 2014

Personal List: 6 Things to Love about Pokemon X

While we may have trekked across countless regions, the Kalos remains one of my favorites. It remains, in my opinion, one of the freshest titles to appear in recent history. As such, here are six reasons I think that Pokemon X is one of the best yet.
(This also applies to Y, but I'm just saying X because it's the one I have.)

6. Team Flare

Our goons in question are one of the, err, quirkiest we've seen in a while. Sure, they want to do the typical evil stuff, but most importantly, they wanna look good while they do it. As such, they sport some shades, slim cut suits, and a rather questionable hairstyle. Even when they engage in battle, they try to pose with class. Do they succeed though? No. Still, it adds a touch of humor; we've been through so many henchman, but never have they been this, well, engaged in trendsetting . And that's why I love them.

5. Graphics Schmaphics
One of the great things about the Nintendo 3DS is its ability to handle amazing graphics, and Pokemon X is no exception. Most Pokemon games have that pixelated feel to them; not terrible but stiff and a little unrealistic. Pokemon X, however, changes that tradition with amazing 3D visuals that would make even Jesus Christ make a double-take. My only problem is that the graphics make it hard to look at the other games, namely Black and White, because while their animation is fluid, it also feel kind of rough. It's a minor complaint, but it keeps the visuals from ranking higher on the list.
4. The Kalos Region
It's quite easy to tell that the Kalos region has a striking resemblance to France. Even the games creator's admit that France was a huge influence, but the Parisian creativity really shines. The most obvious example is Lumiose City, with it's huge Eiffel Tower-esque gym.
Other than that, the towns are really awesome (for the most part). There are towns bordering the ocean, towns with monorails, and one of my favorites, one that delves in the idea of magic and fairy tales with beautifully lush greenery. All these little touches helps enhance the breathtaking awe of the game.
3. The Pokedex
One sad component of the game is that it only introduced 69 new Pokemon (or something along that line), but all these Pokemon help enhance the vast Pokeverse. While many Pokemon return and get some badass Mega-Evolutions, the new ones really steal the show; the ghostly sword Honedge, the mysterious and sad Espurr, the skiddish Gogoat...... They really enhance the game's potential. Not to mention that many think there are more to come from the mysetrious item that a character gives you and the leaked Event Pokemon. Fingers crossed tha we've seen less than half of the new Pokemon...

2. The Multiplayer
There is no way to talk about Pokemon than without multiplayer. The game manages to make it even better; you can exchange friend codes with others (the best way is from exchange groups on Facebook) and duke it out with them, trade with them, message them...... oh, the fun times. The game even made it more accessible; the bottom shows other players worldwide, if your friends are currently playing, and you can easily click their icons to battle and trade. There's even the massively cool Friend Safari in the post-game, and when your friend is playing at the sae time you go to the safari, you can catch a third Pokemon and they all have special abilities. Best of all, they have two flawless stats!
1. Wonder Trade
Call me crazy, but I have spent hours Wonder-Trading, and it's the dearest thing about the game to my heart. It's simple; trade a random Pokemon, get a random Pokemon.
I finally have a use for my Espurr army!
While you usually get garbage, on the rare occasion, you walk out with something awesome. My brother go a shiny Gulpin from a stranger who I assume must be colorblind.
Even when you get crap, though, you want to keep trading because of the sheer randomness.. you don't know what you can get and darn, you just want to get something for the bragging rights. That's why it's my number one.

Well, because of the shortness of this list, I thought I would add a couple of things I hated about the game just for the kicks of it.
The Hex Girl Ghost
So you are just walking around Lumiose, running in and out of the buildings when you stumble onto an elevator and arrive on an abandoned floor. You are then confronted with some creep who floats over to you, saying you "aren't the one." Sure, Pokemon has messed around with ghosts in their games a lot, but this takes the cake for "Creepiest Ghost in Pokemon Gaming." You can even find her again in the Hotel Richisme, where she leans against the wall, wanting to "hear the elevator". Furthermore, if you look it up, you find all sorts of, err, charming illustrations.... This is truly one of those Oh-crap-I-wet-my-pants-playing-a-video-game moments.
There have been many rivals in the Pokemon game, but Tierno has to take the cake for "worst character design in Pokemon". I can only imagine what GameFreak was thinking:
"So.... we have these two chicks and a guy with hair like Bieber.... I think our next brilliant choice is to take a Snorlax and make his head a bloody pineapple."
In the world of bad characters, Tierno is tied between Big the Cat and Lubba, the boxer-donning blimp-sized Luma from Galaxy 2. Oddly, it seems all of them are really obese.... As thus, I shall forever call them the "Not-so-Dynamic Duo Trio."

There's a bunch of other stuff that I probably forgot to mention, so if you disagree, feel free to fight over it in the comments section (like anybody even does that). Until next time, I suppose!

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