Saturday, February 22, 2014

Updates on the Future

So after pulling a "Sorry-I'm-too-lazy-to-post-stuff-so-suck-it" last year, I want to try to improve this "blog thing" by making a schedule-list thingy. I will post what I will be working on every week. And as part of my new year, I plan to
Write a New Article Every (Freaking) Week!*
*May not always be applicable
As such, I also have some stuff planned:
3/01: Interview with Electric Mudkip (Yes, that actually happened!)
3/08: Personal List: My 10 Hardest "Super Mario Galaxy" Galaxies
3/15: "Me Want Bamboo 2" App Review
3/22: Personal List: My 6 Favorite Things about Pokemon X
3/29: "Splashy Fish" App Review
4/05: *Mysterious* Interview Slot (I need to arrange stuff)
4/12: Personal List: 5 Gaming Icons with Games You Didn't Know Existed
4/19: "Ultimate Flash Sonic" Review (Armor Games)
4/26: The Beginning of the End: ???
......  And so on.
Also to take note of: I have been working on doing an interview with someone awesome the first Saturday of every month. I've already gotten an interview wtih the impeccable remixer "Electric Mudkip" so go check his channel out!
Seriously, jut check it out!....... Please?
I'm also planning to alternate between reviewing games and "Top ? Lists". Keep in mind that if I forget to post an article, I will post it as soon as possible. There might also be some tiny funstuffs here and there to hold you over for every weekend.
Also in progress: I'm planning on devising a new type of article, so stay tuned and stuff! Some articles, such as "The Beginning of the End" and "Well, That Was a Weird Game" will be devised perhaps every month. "Thingy-of-the-Year" awards will be continued in the summer so I can actually pile them as a whole and because I'll have more free time.
And for the fate of some other articles:
"Totally Random List Time!": 8/25/13-12/8/13: Replaced with "Personal Top ???"
"Breaking News (That You Probably Already Know)": 8/5/13-10/8/13: This was stopped for the sole purposes that (A) I can't keep up with everything and (B) there's a billion other sources that are much more useful.
"Questions That NEED to Be Answered: 10/1/13-10/6/13: This was stopped due to similarities to "The Beginning of the End".
"Fun Facts of the Day": 7/1/13-8/12/13: Umm... I forgot about them.
"Fandom Spotlight": 7/21/13-7/21/13: Replaced by "Interviews" and forgotten about. Whoopsie daisy..
"Let's Take a Look": 7/4/14-7/5/13: You never would've guessed: I forgot about it too! Again though, there's WAY better sources.
 You will be missed, sweet articles.
Speaking of which, most of my pages are kinda defunct. As such, my "Quote a Day" section will probably resume during the summer in which I can update daily The "Music" and "How to Decorate your Pad (Like a Boss)" pages were deleted because (1) the music hyperlinks were broken because my music channel was suspended for copyright infringement (genius!) and (2) because of way too many similarities to "Game Lut" on VSauce3. The "Video Game Reviews" page will never be used again in favor of my new review system; however, I will keep it up as a relic for everyone who's interested in an unfinished review of Sticker Star. (I promise I'll address that later.) Lastly, the "Around the World in 80 Glitches" has been under construction for quite a while. Fear not, for it will continue in the summer! (Boo! You suck, The Ordinary Gamer! Just give as that stuff now!)

Anyway, I will see you in EXACTLY one week!

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