Friday, December 13, 2013

Well, That Was a Weird Game (I)

Welcome to my monthly article. I decided to devote a post to some small games you may or may not have heard of. I had an epiphany: it involved waffles dancing with sugarplums...... something to do with reviews? Oh, yes. I've written my fair share of really short articles, so I want to start doing a big fat compilation of mini-reviews. Alright: here we go!

Don't Sh*t Your Pants!
I'm sure you've played Zork. A classic and iconic text-based game set to re-explore the definitive meaning of what a game was.
Well, screw all that! This game takes a turn for the toilet in which you control a balding forty-something who..... How should I put this delicately.... Needs to take a sh*t. The game is short and fairly perplexing, though trust me, you feel pretty stupid when you find out the solution. As such, I give it a 7.5: It's interesting, but when you play it once, that's about it.
Coign of Vantage
This unique little game pays homage to pixelated sprites. In this puzzle game, you move the mouse cursor to make all the different-dimensional sprites merge together to form an image. this one, for example, would produce a cat. As simple as it sounds, it's pretty challenging but also really fun. This is a game for  your leisurely breaks as the piano music serenades you. It's especially helpful to deal with the stress of not figuring out how to make our aforementioned man how to defecate. As such, this game deserves an 8.7: Simple yet challenging.

Ana Somnia
Time to turn out the lights! I don't really want to call this a game as much as an experience; you get immersed into a dream-like state when the lights go out and Ana's imagination goes wild. It increasingly gets more grotesque but more curious. The new mechanic of light makes this an interesting experience worth playing. Due to this, I give it a 9.4; beautifully created illustrations and surreal imagery truly make this a masterpiece.

NES Music Quiz/ SNES Music Quiz
Did you hear that sound? Because its the sound of some classic, memorable video game music. Unfortunately, because I was born with a Gameboy, I don't know the majority of these. Either way, this is a good game for the old-school gamer and music adorer. I give it an 8.0: Its difficulty can vary, but it's more nostalgia-inducing than particularly strong.

There are many more, of course. Leave a suggestion maybe? See you next time.

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