Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Beginning of the End: Pac-Man

So many video game franchises exist. Mario, Sonic, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda. But so many have disappeared into the darkness. Chrono Trigger, for example.
But what happened? Here, I shall ask these questions to the franchises that are long dead or just dead to me. Let us begin.
"Oh, what are you talking about? This stuff keeps coming out. It's not dying, you're just stupid!"
-Pac-Man believers everywhere.
But with all seriousness, Pac-Man is one of the most iconic video games in history. You pop the game into tour Atari. That oh so sweet jingle. The sound of Pac-Man's mouth opening and closing, opening and closing. (Waku-waku-waku-waku.) Such a simple game, yet oh so addictive. But what happened?

The original game was a work of art. But wait- there's more! (Billie Mays says that, actually.) To follow up the insane arcade hit came a new game. Mrs. Pac-Man in 1982. Was it successful is hard to tell. The game is hardly noteworthy and almost entirely the same thing, so I'll continue.
The arcade games were all the same, all iconic in their own right, and all ushered in a new generation of games. But the franchise didn't just stop there. Rather than just take it's place on greatest franchises in history, he decided he should take the next step. Pac-Attack.
Imagine Doctor Mario. Now slap Pac-Man on it. That's pretty much it (according to the Wikipedia article, and you know, their always trustworthy). In reality, though, it's more like Tetris; falling blocks. It's addictive, sure, but that's only because Tetris is so addictive. That being said, the game just didn't seem so worthwhile. But what could happen next?
Enter Pac-Man 2: The New Adventure. In this game, we get amazing objectives, such as buying flowers. ACTION PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But jokes aside, the game was a huge departure from the gameplay we knew to love.
We meet the mundane life of Pac-Man as he acts like a complete ass. He has become the master of jack-assory, a God of annoyance. Well it was received positively, this only signified the turn for the worse of poor old Pac-Man.
Pac-In-Time soon followed. A God of early sidescrolling, the Pac-Man just came up to our TV screen and said, "I'm all gone. Here's some generic garbage."

I'm just gonna go to what we've all been thinking: Pac. Man. Party. Oh, good heavens no. A generic and horrible hybrid of Mario Party and Monopoly, it just managed to be slightly better than Sonic Shuffle.
And it just goes downhill from here. What will happen next? Who knows? But one thing is for certain; Pac-man should've just ended his bandwagon ten years ago.

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