Friday, September 6, 2013

Totally Random List Time! 9/6/13

what makes the decision to buy a game? Video game commercials. What makes you wonder what the heck was going on at Nintendo? Video game commercials. Here are a couple of What-the-F commercials.

Final Fantasy 4: Ikimasu!

It's no surprise that Japan makes some weird commercials. This one, a personal "What the heck were they thinking," involves a slightly excited announcer exclaiming "Final Fantasy  Four. Ikimasu!" (Let's go! in Japanese.) If you wonder what's so great about this commercial, look no further!

Something's Gone Wrong in the Happy-go-Lucky World of Nintendo.
Aww! Mario, Yoshi, DK, and Pikachu are skipping! So cute! Wait..... what are you doing Mario? That was a bit cruel..... HOLY CRAP! One of the first commercial to turn heads, cut it some slack. It at least made a bunch of gamers go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs (if you know what I mean).

One word..... BAM! A shoot-out occurs. The best part? All of it. Just watch it. Please. Just.... okay?

Genesis Does what Nintendon't.
I was always a little bit more of a Nintendo fan. This commercial kind of made my blood churn. Nintendo didn't do much about Sega, but Sega "SURE AS HECK" loved a good trashing. Then there's this weird mosquito commercial, which is pretty bloody weird (literally). Then, they make fun of Mario Kart. What I guess I'm trying to say is, while I hate the in-your-faceness of Sega, their commercials are, I have a soft-spot for all of their dumb commercials.

So Soft.....
Oh do I love the bait-and-switch. Who could forget that Old Spice commerical of Terry Crews bursting into a laundry detergent commercial? Well Nintendo kind of beat Old Spice to the cake with this odd commercial. It was so successful that a group of scientists tried to rebuild him unsuccessfully. Poor Teddy.

Kirby. Not so Good at, Well, a Lot of Stuff.
Kirby had a good anniversary last year. What better way to celebrate than to question how good Kirby was at stuff in the real world. He hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. Keep trying Kirby! We believe in you!

Kirby. Good at Making his Opponents Suck it.
Kirby, once again, stole our hearts. He's in a race and his opponents can suck it. Literally. Kirby sucks really good. He's good at sucking. He sucks in the sucking. Go Kirby!

A Truly Touching Commercial.
I'm sorry, but Kirby knows how to make commercials. And this time, he plays God to a finger. A creepy commercial to say in the least, if not downright hilarious. I mean COME ON.

What the BLEEP is this?!
Oh, you Australians. Give a boy Jam Sessions and he'll start delivering the F-bomb on his mum. Weird. Word is there's more inappropriate commercials for games aimed towards younger audience. Come on YouTube........

You cannot beat us.
 This is one wet-my-pants commercial. I don't get it. I just don't. It's too weird for me.

Link's Freaking Dance-off.
Back to Japan, where the Hero of Hyrule starts busting a move. Maybe it would be more awesome if Link didn't look like an idiot. You can save Zelda, Link! Dance, Link, Dance! We have faith in you! Keep dancing!

Woah. Nice graphics!
If this wasn't one of the most stereotypical commercial of Americans, it sure was stupid. A grease-slick weirdo hangs with the most stereotypical nerd in the universe as they rap along to the Legend of Zelda. Why, Nintendo, why?
Why does this exist?

Puppet Shows.
I love this commercial. To recreate the epic game that is Link's Awakening, a commercial shows off the game as a horrible puppet show. The fighting scenes look like dance-offs. Walking around looks like dance-offs. EVERYTHING looks like dance-offs.

A great way to advertise a game is to show off how much your parents think it's horrible. This became so infamous for being the weirdest ad campaign EVER. And this lady isn't helping. I mean, she's all like "WAAAAAHH! LOOK AT THAT MONSTA!" How does this help sell a game? Nobody knows, but everybody loves this. Also there's an old lady who goes all crazy saying she'll bash us with a hammer. Deaugh.

Creepy Babies.
Oh, Playstation. Why such creepy commercials? Now I have a fear of mechanical babies. I mean what the heck is this? I'd probably have the same reaction as sponge cake kid if I saw this on my birthday. I mean SERIOUSLY.

PSP. I'd hit that.
I've already lashed on this enough. Just read my Quote of the Day section. It's a nut, that you can play outside. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

That's about it. Any more WTF's for me to go through? Let me know. Until next time.

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