Monday, September 2, 2013

Breaking News that you Probably Already Know) III

Before we begin, let this be a reminder that I do NOT get news as soon as it's released. I am more of a second-person source, so you'd probably find out before me if you snooped around enough.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In a joked-about twist, a new Nintendo gaming system was unveiled. Would it revolutionize gaming? Probably not. Would it change the shape of Nintendo's history? Again, probably not. But with the 2DS on the horizon, we have to question what is going on?
This device is set to be a cheaper 3DS-kind of system. It will not be capable of stereoscopic 3D effects and will be presented essentially as a slab.
Could this device be the next 3DS? Or a commercial failure like the Virtual Boy? I's been 2 years since the 3DS came out, and practically every Nintendo fan has one. So why a cheaper alternative, years after the initial release? It has no bonuses, some restrictions, and is not going to be as beloved as it's pocket-sized altar-ego.
Nintendo 2DS

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