Monday, August 5, 2013

Breaking News (That you Probably Already Know)

Here at the Ordinary Gamer HQ (on a sofa) we have some rather awful news to lay upon all the Smash Bros. fans. While it may be a couple days late,I shall deliver the news, via passenger pigeon, to your computer screens.

Unfortunately, Masahiro Sakurai, lead producer in the project, has decided to remove a story mode and those beautiful cutscenes for the upcoming release. He has stated that he likes the initial thrill and decided not to have them because he didn't want the player should see such things outside the game, as it could ruin play experience.

Similarly, the player roster will not be larger than that of SSBB, possibly even shorter. However, if you were able to push clone characters aside (I see right through you, Captain Falcon and Ganondorf) there could be great possibilities.

In addition furthermore, alongside the so-far announced debuts of "Blue-Bomber" Megaman, "Vicious Villager......" well Villager, and the Wii Fitness Trainer, there will be an announced character to represent Namco, who is credited for working on the game.

For the aforementioned news, hopefully Sakurai was using the bait-and-switch on us, and hopefully there will be more characters.

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