Sunday, August 25, 2013

Totally Random List Time! 8/25/13

We're all flooding back into a prison that we like to call the "Public Education System", and boredom may rise within the first ten minutes. Restore the time with a nice, refreshing sip of a bunch of random stuff on lists. (Geez, it sounded more poetic in my mind.) And what better way to spend your time than by reading a list out of sheer boredom. I don't know, ask my cat. She's level 99 by the way.

She's nominee for cutest cat in the universe might I add.

But we're getting off-topic. So without further ado, let's introduce the weirdest Pokemon facts about seemingly innocent Pokemon. And no more cat photos. Maybe.

 Dittos are failed Mew Clones.
The most common acception of a Pokemon theory, it makes a lot of sense the more you think about it. Let's take a look, shall we?
-They weigh the same.
- They are both pink, and are blue when shiny.
- They are the only Pokemon to naturally learn Transform (currently).
If that isn't uncanny enough, they are caught (in the Kanto region) exclusively at the Pokemon Mansion and Cerulean Cave. Any Pokemon Historian can tell you that Pokemon Mansion was where they attempted
to replicate Mew, and Cerulean Cave is home to the successful result of Mewtwo. Thus, Dittos are failed attempts of replicating Mew.

Just because Drifloon is cute, he's still creepy.
Drifloon is, let's face it, aww-dorable. Just because of that, though, he's still a ghost. The Black 2/White 2 entry says that children holding it will sometimes vanish. Just disappear from existence. And where do they go, you might ask? The Japanese entry for Pearl claims it takes them to the "World of the Dead". Also noteworthy, they weigh two pounds. Two FREAKING pounds. They can carry children? Creepy.

Litwick is a "Killa" Candle
Litwick is a candle. A killer candle, that is. It burns fuels absorbed from Pokemon and trainers. They take our lie force, suck it out of us, and use it to power their flame. If that's not weird enough, then try sitting in a room full of white candles and tell me how it felt.

Wobbuffet is a decoy.
The lesser-known theories of Pokemon include this curious one. Numerous Pkedex entries say it tries to hide its tail. This could possibly mean that the entirety of Wobbuffet is a decoy for his tail, which is actually the Pokemon. Not only that, but the Unova entries actually say it's tail holds a secret.

You will most likely never get two identical Spindas.
Less trivia and more common knowledge, it is worth mentioning that Spinda has over four billion variants. (4,294,967,296, to be exact). That's pretty insane, considering that there have to be various different patterns on the not-that-big Spinda sprite.

That should be enough for now. Until next time...... I suppose.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Breaking News (That You Probably Already Know) II

Just like the majority of the Pokemon fanbase, I pay much attention to new announcements (such as And like many others, I've wondered why a bunch of Pokemon don't have any evolutions (I'm looking straight at you, Absol). Well, wonder no more! Now, there is the official addition of "Mega Pokemon," which are essentially super-charged variants. As far as I know of, the majority (if not all) of these "Mega" variants come from some sort of Mega Stone. Such Pokemon capable of these events include the aforementioned Absol, Lucario, Ampharos, Awakened Mewtwo variant, Mawile, and Blaziken. One more confirmed addition is Kangaskhan, which haves the baby finally step out of its pouch.
Above: The Mega Ampharos. ReadyWhip makes everything epic.
For more details on Mega Evolutions, visit

In other Pokemon News, several events will be coming for non-Japanese players. In the US, you can obtain a Shiny Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. All are level 100 and come in the exclusive Cherish Ball.

Shiny Dialga available from 8/19- 9/8.
Shiny Palkia available from 9/9- 9/29.
Shiny Giratina available from 9/30- 10/20.

Lastly for the Pokemon world is a future event for a Mega Stone to use alongside a distributed Torchic. 
The most recent trailer can be found here:

Three-Month Forecast: Upcoming Game Forecast

New Super Luigi U (Retail): August 25, 2013*
Final Fantasy XIV Online: August 27, 2013**** (Online)
Grand Theft Auto V: September 17, 2013**** (PS3)
Beyond: Two Souls: October 8, 2013**** (PS3)
Pokemon X/Y Versions: October 12, 2013**
Sonic Lost World: October 22, 2013*
(Not all games are announced.)

*- Wii U
**- 3DS
***- Wii U and 3DS
****- Other

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/12/13 Fun Facts of the Day

Lately, I've been thinking about the minor differences in games. You know, mostly between Japanese versions and worldwide releases. They can be anywhere between easily overlooked to utterly minblowing, so I've decided to share my favorite ones. Keep in mind they are not specific to regional differences.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Larson's house as a frightening secret in the Japanese version. The chalk outline of a Toad, accompanied by dried blood lies on the floor sets quite the graphic mood for a Mario game. If anyone has pictures, please let me know.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, at the Starbeans cafe, there were to be multiple cameo appearances of other Nintendo characters, including Link, Olimar, Samus, Wario, and an Excitebike racer. These were presumeably removed because of how it glorified caffeine.

In Super Mario RPG, Bowser's victory animation was changed as well, as in the Japanese version, he makes an obscene gesture meaning "Up yours!"

The Legend of Zelda series in particular is a gold-mine of censorship. Her are a select few:

In Ocarina of Time, it is notable that an Islamic Chant in the Fire Temple was removed, because of Nintendo of America's distaste for religious references in video games.

Similarly, In a Link to the Past, the Eastern Palace originally had a tile similar to the Star of David, the Hylian language was visually similar to hieroglyphics.

The Skull Kids have black faces and large lips. Their faces were later changed because it had similarities to blackface, a technique used to poke fun at the African-American community. This is very similar to the censorship of the Pokemon Jynx. For the release of the Majora's Mask, however, their mouths were replaced by beaks and they had straw-like skin, completely covering up the situation.

The German version of Link's Awakening also has some rather strange stuff. Enemies called Buzzblobs and by sprinkling magical powder on them, they will say unusual lines, including "Not without a condom." Another example is that the hippo character has exposed breasts.

The Pokemon series also had its fair share of censorship, mostly revolving around character sprites. In addition,  the TV show also had plenty of problems.

Characters in Gold and Silver had their sprites, such as the sage no longer praying and the Beauties no longer winking. Similarly, in Diamond and Pearl, Swimmers had their briefs changed to trunks.

Alongside the aforementioned Jynx scandal, other Pokemon sprites were problematic. Some examples include:
- In Diamond and Pearl, Registeel's sprite was changed for European releases because it used the Hitler salute.

In Red, Blue, and Yellow, there is a man in Viridian City blocking your path. His daughter states he hasn't had his morning coffee and can't get up, but in the Japanese version, he's supposedly drunk.

More events occurred in the anime. Examples include:

-The Jynx occurrence in an episode called "Holiday Hi-jinks" led to the episode being cancelled.
- An episode called "Beauty and a Beach" featured a disturbing segment where Team Rocket's James tries to win a beauty contest with inflatable breast-thingies. It is also notable that the episode shows sexual interest in Misty wearing a bikini.

- A special episode called "The Legend of Dratini" was censored due to the Safari Zone owner pointing guns at Ash and friends, alongside Meowth sporting an appearence disturbingly similar to Hitler.
-The most famous case was the notorious "Electric Soldier Porygon". One segment had horrifying strobe lights which sent hundreds of children to the hospital causing seizures. Due to this, the  episode was never shown again and never left Japan.

Other issues include similarities to a Japanese tsunami and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The game Earthbound also had a lot of censorship by Nintendo of America, including:

- Bars were changed to Cafes.
- Oddly, the window options have a minor difference. While not exactly censored, the options are changed to flavors, i.e. Mint becoming Mint Flavor.
- When Pokey knocks on the door, the Japanese version shows a speech bubble that says "Don" whereas the American text bubble says "!". "Don" is a form of Japanese onomatopoeia to represent knocking.
- Pokey's parents were originally more, well, abusive. When he gets in trouble for arriving home late, in the Japanese version, he gets a spanking, signified by "Oh, my butt hurts." while in other versions, it says his dad banned him from eating desserts for the rest of the decade.
-When Lardna freaks out over a housefly, the Japanese version has her say "Eeeek! A pesky toilet fly! Die and go to Hell!" This was changed to "I'll smash its guts out!"
- In Japan, the pencil-shaped pencil you are tasked with destroying is actually an octopus statue.
- In Ness' dream, in the Japanese version, he is fully naked.

That's about it. Until next time!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Roster for Super Smash Bros 4

So, if you use this magical tool called Google and search SSB4, you will find thousands of predicted rosters. So, I decided "What the heck. I have a blog. I have intellegence. I love video games. Why can't i do such a thing?" So here I am. These are the new guys I'm rooting for.

Professor Layton:
oh, come on. he has all the potential, and you have no idea what he has hidden under the brim of his hat. he could confuse enemies with his brain-numbing puzzles, and his IQ probably has psychic capabilities. I mean, why not?

Banjo and Kazooie:
Let me tell you one thing: I never played Banjo and Kazooie, and I'm pretty such I'm not even spelling it correctly. The thing is, these guys have been on pretty much every list I've seen. So why not?

I couln't overlook Fi. I mean, come on! She is the spirit of Link's sword. There's some capabilities there already.

Rosalina is one of the better new Mario characters. The mysterious queen of the cosmos kicks Katamari's butt. She has the power to control the Lumas, whom she grew up with during her lonely life. Her enigmatic mystique is perfect for the game.

Yarn Kirby:
In one of the greatest Kirby spin-offs of all time, Kirby made his debut as a yarn hero. There have been plenty of other characters based off other characters directly, such as Toon Link and Young Link, so why not Yarn Kirby? His capabilities are far more different than normal Kirby's and nobody can capture his charismatic essence better.

Last time, Nintendo delivered the surprise by adding the world's favorite hedgehog into a crazed melee, so why not his dorky but lovable sidekick? He could fly with his tails, use his inventions for comedic purposes, and take his opponent down with the Tornado-1.

Everybody's favorite squirrel, who I want soap shoved into. You know what? Scratch that. He's way too vile and bile, respectively.

A Sixth generation Pokemon:
Last brawl, Lucario unleashed his aura onto the battlefield. So, let me ask; why ever not a Pokemon to represent the newest region?

Wisps (Sonic Colors):
No. Not as a player, but an assist trophy. They have so many unusual and wild capabilities, I'm sure they could release pleasant havoc onto the fight.

There are also some stages I want to see:

Gateway Planet (Super Mario Galaxy)
One of the pinnacles of our beloved plumber's career was his intergalactic adventure, and there's nothing I'd love to see more than this planet brought to liven up the game.

Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed/Sonic Generations)
While Sonic Unleashed was part of the string that turned Sonic into a mess, nothing was more fun than rooftop run. Smashing through windows, dashing the cobblestone streets, and sprinting the rooftops. Come on, what's not to love?

That about wraps up my short list. Fingers crossed!

Breaking News (That you Probably Already Know)

Here at the Ordinary Gamer HQ (on a sofa) we have some rather awful news to lay upon all the Smash Bros. fans. While it may be a couple days late,I shall deliver the news, via passenger pigeon, to your computer screens.

Unfortunately, Masahiro Sakurai, lead producer in the project, has decided to remove a story mode and those beautiful cutscenes for the upcoming release. He has stated that he likes the initial thrill and decided not to have them because he didn't want the player should see such things outside the game, as it could ruin play experience.

Similarly, the player roster will not be larger than that of SSBB, possibly even shorter. However, if you were able to push clone characters aside (I see right through you, Captain Falcon and Ganondorf) there could be great possibilities.

In addition furthermore, alongside the so-far announced debuts of "Blue-Bomber" Megaman, "Vicious Villager......" well Villager, and the Wii Fitness Trainer, there will be an announced character to represent Namco, who is credited for working on the game.

For the aforementioned news, hopefully Sakurai was using the bait-and-switch on us, and hopefully there will be more characters.

Friday, August 2, 2013

8/2/13 Fun Facts of the Day

Today is a special edition of Fun Facts; it will be focused on the curiosities surrounding music, and not the giant bust that is Wii Music. What I mean is that I will examine music across an array of video games and find their secrets. So, let's dig in.

Topping off our list, it is notable that the Sonic series has had its fair share of music fun-stuffs if you know what I mean (which you probably don't, because I don't know what it means either). For example, the main composer of Sonic Rush, Hideki Naganuma drew inspiration from other music pieces. This can be seen due to the striking similarity with  the piece back 2 Back ( and Louie Louie by Richard Berry (most obviously seen when Back 2 Back is played at the one minute mark). Another more unusual example is that the music piece, Wrapped in Black (, oddly enoigh, uses audio from a speech by Malcolm X, a famous African-American human rights activist.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Peach's Final Smash move plays a rather peculiar track. When slowed down drastically, it is revealed to be the Coin Heaven theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, aka the proclaimed "greatest Mario game of all time". (Pfffffft. Greatest? What a bunch of bologna.)

While not related to music, this fact is pertaining to sound. In Super Mario 64, if you take Bowser's laugh and speed it up, it actually makes the sound of a Boo. Hence, the Boo's voice is just Bowser's sped up.

The underwater theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 bares a striking resemblance to the fairy theme from Ocarina of Time.  Their similarity can be seen in this video:

Oddly enough, a music piece called Rydeen by the Yellow Magic Orchestra can be found in four games from the 1980s: Super Locomotive ('82), Trooper Truck ('83), Ocean Loader ('84), and Stryker's Run ('86). The music can be heard here: Groovy.

Lastly, one of the most troll-lol-lol-lol-ish urban legends in Pokemon: Lavender Town Syndrome. Supposedly, the original soundtrack caused young children to commit suicide and all sorts of other nonsensical crap. There are even Youtube videos alluding to it; one such video says that by adding extra soundwaves, the soundwaves create an image of Haunter and the Unown spelling for "Go Away". Whatever.

DISCLAIMER: Lavender town syndrome does not exist and has never existed. No such events have happened causing deaths of children based on a video game. However, Katamari games are known to give the Ordinary Gamer effects of strong headaches and nausea.

That's about it. See ya later!