Wednesday, July 3, 2013

7/3/13 Fun Facts of the Day

This is my second compilation of fun facts. I'm going to go along the theme of......... POKEMON! So, let's grab a Swampert so we can dive in! (Horrible jokes for the win!)

There are several unused Pokemon models. The two most notable are Kurusu and Honoguma. Kurusu is a blue Water-type Pokemon that was supposedly #212 in the National Pokedex. Honoguma is essentially the opposite; it's a Fire-type Pokemon with flaming red fur. They are sometimes considered versions of a seal Pokemon called Seel and a teddy bear-like Pokemon called Teddiursa.

There are also several other unnamed Pokemon. One appears to be a cross between a Clefairy and a Hitmontop Its body is a top with six feet and has a pink face with a circle above its head. Another was a turtle; pictures exist but little is actually known about it, but fan speculation compares it to the Pokemon Tirtouga, also a turtle. Even less data surrounds an unnamed sheep; it's only proof of existence is from an interview with creaters Ken Sugimori and Junichi Masuda, claiming it was based on Dolly, the first cloned sheep, but it proved too controversial for Pokemon and was supposedly scrapped.

The Pokemon Shellos, and its evolution, Gastrodon, were originally supposed to be in the Hoenn region, but shows up later in the Sinnoh region. An image of its back can be found in the (Hoenn) game's data in addition to its sound when summoned to battle.

In the first few games, Red, Blue, and Yellow, a truck exists in the port of Vermillion City. Oddly enough, fan speculation led to the idea that, by using HM Strength, you could move it over to recieve a Poke ball with the legendary Pokemon Mew inside. This is dismissed as fake, though.The rumor took notice from the Pokemon team, and in remakes of the games, the player can find Lava Cookies, a rare item, close to the truck.

A unique Pokemon Game for the Gamecube called "Hey You, Pikachu" contains a curious Easter Egg. When you say "PlayStation" into the built-in microphone, Pikachu will get angry and discharge.

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