Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/18/13 Fun Facts of the Day

On this Fun Facts of the Day, I will reveal some trivia about everybody's favorite overall-wearing plumber, Mario. SO without further ado, let's a-go! (finally, a time where that makes sense)

Everybody knows Goombas, right? Those walking brown mushrooms? WRONG! They are actually chestnuts. Nevertheless, this claim isn't really supported by the fact that, if you step on them, they flatten completely as if they are inflated.
Admit it. At one point, this guy killed us a couple of times.
This is a fairly well-known one. The Koopas, such as Paratroopas, Bowser, and the Koopalings, all deprive from the mythical creature, the Kappa. While many accounts of the mythical creatures differ, they all have shells like that of Bowser.

Did you know that Yoshi wasn't always supposed to be a dinosaur? He was orignially going to be a Koopa, and the saddle was supposed to be his shell.

You've heard of World -1, haven't you? The place accessed by ducking on the pipe and going through the wall at the exit of 1-2? While many consider this an easter egg, it was actually a genuine glitch. It was created by the game itself off of unused data.

There are plenty of other glitch levels as well. It's hard to explain, but while playing the original Mario Bros, take the cartridge out, and put in a Tennis game. (Sorry, I'm shaky on details.) Play for a little bit before switching that game out for Mario again. The amount of steps taken in the Tennis game determines what glitch area you will go to.

There is a theory about Super Mario Bros. 3. All the blocks have shadows, floating platforms typically are hung from the ceiling, and Mario exits each level at right into an area without a backdrop. The game never actually happened: It was all just a play.

Like other video game character, Mario doesn't seem to age as he gets older. This, however, is countered by the fact that Mario is a baby in Yoshi's Island. Also, while Yoshi is first revealed to be trapped in an egg by Bowser in Super Mario World, he doesn't seem to acknowledge the fact that he actually nurtured Mario in his childhood. This is kind of confusing, eve though it's often overlooked.

That's it for today. See you later, and feel free to leave comments!

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