Friday, December 13, 2013

Well, That Was a Weird Game (I)

Welcome to my monthly article. I decided to devote a post to some small games you may or may not have heard of. I had an epiphany: it involved waffles dancing with sugarplums...... something to do with reviews? Oh, yes. I've written my fair share of really short articles, so I want to start doing a big fat compilation of mini-reviews. Alright: here we go!

Don't Sh*t Your Pants!
I'm sure you've played Zork. A classic and iconic text-based game set to re-explore the definitive meaning of what a game was.
Well, screw all that! This game takes a turn for the toilet in which you control a balding forty-something who..... How should I put this delicately.... Needs to take a sh*t. The game is short and fairly perplexing, though trust me, you feel pretty stupid when you find out the solution. As such, I give it a 7.5: It's interesting, but when you play it once, that's about it.
Coign of Vantage
This unique little game pays homage to pixelated sprites. In this puzzle game, you move the mouse cursor to make all the different-dimensional sprites merge together to form an image. this one, for example, would produce a cat. As simple as it sounds, it's pretty challenging but also really fun. This is a game for  your leisurely breaks as the piano music serenades you. It's especially helpful to deal with the stress of not figuring out how to make our aforementioned man how to defecate. As such, this game deserves an 8.7: Simple yet challenging.

Ana Somnia
Time to turn out the lights! I don't really want to call this a game as much as an experience; you get immersed into a dream-like state when the lights go out and Ana's imagination goes wild. It increasingly gets more grotesque but more curious. The new mechanic of light makes this an interesting experience worth playing. Due to this, I give it a 9.4; beautifully created illustrations and surreal imagery truly make this a masterpiece.

NES Music Quiz/ SNES Music Quiz
Did you hear that sound? Because its the sound of some classic, memorable video game music. Unfortunately, because I was born with a Gameboy, I don't know the majority of these. Either way, this is a good game for the old-school gamer and music adorer. I give it an 8.0: Its difficulty can vary, but it's more nostalgia-inducing than particularly strong.

There are many more, of course. Leave a suggestion maybe? See you next time.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Totally Random List Time! 12/8/13

You know, Halloween is coming up. Get ready to have a bunch of annoying little kids knocking on your doors and stealing candy from you. Okay, maybe not annoying, but demanding. Yeah, that's a better word. So,  I decided to bring back from the dead the Creepy Guys in Video Games issue. Of course, I need new material, and fortunately, people love having horrifying monstrosities in games, so here we go.

Now, on the original issue, I may have written it in red. You know, like blood. But I'm tring to go for even scarier. So this time....
(Oh yeah, and this issue is really late. Oops.)
(Oh yeah; and this issue is really short. Oops.)

Sonic the Hedgehog:
Before the fanboys come charging at me with no mercy and bludgeon me to death, need I remind you Sonic CD? The hidden message? Actually, there's a lot. We have Car Tails, Batman Sonic, DJ Eggman, and Sonic-with-creepy-glaze among others, respectively. But the creepiest? Dali Sonic. When entering a certain password on the sound test area, you will witness a screen with horrifying Sonics and a message signed "The Devil". I don't know what the intentions were, besides to get us to Jizz in our pants

Tingle isn't exactly scary. He's just...... disturbing. Not only does he have the whole green jumpsuit thing going on with him, but Kooloo-Limpa? What does that even mean? What is he hiding? TELL ME NOW TINGLE OR I SWEAR I'LL CUT YOU. Okay, that escalated quickly.
The point is, Tingle isn't creepy in regard to general scariness, it's just that he's so weird and disturbing.

Dark Shadow Guy from LSD
Oh, Japan. You guys make such unusual games. One such example is LSD. And before you go crazy, need I remind you it's an acronym for "Lovely, Sweet Dreams". Which is ironic, because the game is anything but. You are doomed to travel through a bizarre and uncomfortable world. Apparently, someone kept a "dream journal" and compiled the information into a game. And judging by the murderous teddy bears, women hanging, and spasm-ing vaginas, I don't think I want to meet the creator. But the guy who steals the cake? Mr. Black Suit or something. I don't know his name, but there's something oddly awkward about his presence  Here we are in a psychedelic hell, and there's just this normal guy walking around like he doesn't give a s%^t or something. The only reason he's creepy is because he sticks out like a sore thumb.

The Beginning of the End: Pac-Man

So many video game franchises exist. Mario, Sonic, Kirby, The Legend of Zelda. But so many have disappeared into the darkness. Chrono Trigger, for example.
But what happened? Here, I shall ask these questions to the franchises that are long dead or just dead to me. Let us begin.
"Oh, what are you talking about? This stuff keeps coming out. It's not dying, you're just stupid!"
-Pac-Man believers everywhere.
But with all seriousness, Pac-Man is one of the most iconic video games in history. You pop the game into tour Atari. That oh so sweet jingle. The sound of Pac-Man's mouth opening and closing, opening and closing. (Waku-waku-waku-waku.) Such a simple game, yet oh so addictive. But what happened?

The original game was a work of art. But wait- there's more! (Billie Mays says that, actually.) To follow up the insane arcade hit came a new game. Mrs. Pac-Man in 1982. Was it successful is hard to tell. The game is hardly noteworthy and almost entirely the same thing, so I'll continue.
The arcade games were all the same, all iconic in their own right, and all ushered in a new generation of games. But the franchise didn't just stop there. Rather than just take it's place on greatest franchises in history, he decided he should take the next step. Pac-Attack.
Imagine Doctor Mario. Now slap Pac-Man on it. That's pretty much it (according to the Wikipedia article, and you know, their always trustworthy). In reality, though, it's more like Tetris; falling blocks. It's addictive, sure, but that's only because Tetris is so addictive. That being said, the game just didn't seem so worthwhile. But what could happen next?
Enter Pac-Man 2: The New Adventure. In this game, we get amazing objectives, such as buying flowers. ACTION PACKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But jokes aside, the game was a huge departure from the gameplay we knew to love.
We meet the mundane life of Pac-Man as he acts like a complete ass. He has become the master of jack-assory, a God of annoyance. Well it was received positively, this only signified the turn for the worse of poor old Pac-Man.
Pac-In-Time soon followed. A God of early sidescrolling, the Pac-Man just came up to our TV screen and said, "I'm all gone. Here's some generic garbage."

I'm just gonna go to what we've all been thinking: Pac. Man. Party. Oh, good heavens no. A generic and horrible hybrid of Mario Party and Monopoly, it just managed to be slightly better than Sonic Shuffle.
And it just goes downhill from here. What will happen next? Who knows? But one thing is for certain; Pac-man should've just ended his bandwagon ten years ago.

Eulogy of the Shiny Graveler

We all joke about self-destructing Pokemon. Expecially shinies, because, well, it makes it much more painful to bare witness to.
And this event has happened to me.For the second time.
Go back about five years to the release of Diamond and Pearl. naturally, I chose Pearl, and after a long journey, I was in Victory Road. i tried to catch him, but he gave in. Releasing all his power, he annihilated himself. Oh, sweet Graveler. Two times shall you be missed.

P.S.: I f*cking hate you. Why you blow up?!

Apologies and Crap

Sorry, for the few people who actually go to this site.I've been surprisingly busy lately. Hopefully when winter break arrives, I'll be able to post a butt-load of stuff.
Also, for the Thingy-of-the-Year awards, I'm going to have to wait for the year to end. So much beautiful crap comes around every single day, so we'll just have to wait out. In the meantime, here's some delightful elevator music:

(I finally figured out how to insert videos..... I'm such a noob.)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Breaking News (That You Probably Already Know) IV

Let's see here....... Well, the holidays are always a good time for games. It seems like 50% of the games released are released in the holiday season, yet the best time to wear a striped sweater remains all the time.
One with a collar, turtleneck.
So let's go through the transcript with some random news, shall we? Yes, yes we will.

What better way to kick of the season with Animal Crossing: New Leaf? Once again, they have some delightful DLC furniture? The Rice-Plant Bed is now up for grabs, for anyone willing to sleep on plant fibers and wake up the following morning with a rash. Keep in mind that every month there is a new DLC item. Also, the Animal Crossing Nintendo Zone will be distributing a "Fedora Chair" until the 14th, followed by a good ol' classic Sushi platter. Yummy.
Also, in more news, Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze is going to be pulled back. Again. So remember to snag it up just before Christmas because- oh wait- it's being released on February. Good Lord, Nintendo, stop screwing with us!
However, there has also been a confirmed Kirby game coming soon fir the 3DS. Hopefully it won't be scrapped like the long string of games leading up Kirby's Return to Dreamland. Fingers crossed.
Also, following Super Smash Bros. U news, Sonic the Hedgehog has been confirmed as a character, so now we get to face off against Mario in HD 2.5D!!

May I also remind you guys to snag a Shiny Giritina? Go to your local GameStop and recieve one as a Mystery Gift. It will end on the 20th.

Speaking of Pokemon, Pokemon X and Y will be coming out on the 12th. Make sure you pre-order it so you also snag a nice poster as well.

And here is your game weather forecast:
Pokemon X/Y: Oct. 12
Sonic Lost World: Oct. 29
Mario and Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games: Nov. 15
Super Mario 3D World: Nov. 22

You can also check IGN for any anticipated games.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Questions That NEED To Be Answered (II)

I've been thinking about Sonic the Hedgehog lately. Don't get me wrong, his personality is entertaining albeit annoying, but that's not today's issue. If you've been following the Blue Blur's recent history, you've probably seen a fair share of awful games. So, today's question:
What's Going on With Sonic?
Creator Yuji Naka said the game came from his obsession with playing level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros over and over again as fast as he could, stating you couldn't just skip the level. And we all have that level implanted in our minds. But I doubt Naka desired all the crap that's been going on with poor Sonic lately. The poor guy has been through a pretty rocky history. So, I put together a short timeline of recent games to take note of:

1996-2004: The Beginning of the End
Our grand tour begins in 1996. Sonic had his successes, and what better way to make him better than by rubbing his name in the dirt. Enters Sonic Schoolhouse. An educational game is always bad, but by adding such titular characters in as Sonic and Mario, it's just sad. Thankfully, this is essentially forgotten from modern times by some other games, but let's not get into that just yet.
Literally right after Sonic's short-lived career in the educational world, he decides to rival Mario. Well nowadays their good buddies, back then, Mario triumphed over everything. Compared to the Mario Kart games, Sega's fruitless attempt, Sonic R, did little to raise Sonic's popularity. Poor controls, unfitting soundtrack, and the most confusing map ever made lead to an ultimately awful game. It also introduced one of the gods of creepypasta, the dreaded Tails Doll. *shivers
Thankfully, the Sonic Adventure series guided Sonic back onto the road of success. Sonic Adventure continues to be a great play with great music and stunning graphics even to this day. However, this period of wonder came to an end from the generic spin-off we know as Sonic Pinball Party. The first Sonic Pinball was forgettable, but why Sega deliberately brought it back baffles even me. I mean, seriously? Pinball? Just stop it.
However, with the debut of the Sonic Advance series, the road smoothened out one more. Until.....
2005-2009: The Gimmicks get Worse
Shadow the Hedgehog. Sega wanted to interest its fans by taking a turn to the dark side. this was their chance to unleash dystopia upon Sonic. And it worked. The game was not that good. Thus starts the modern era of failures.
The game starts off with the introduction. Shadow, being a total bad-ass, drives around on his motorcycle and shoots Sonic. Seriously. Why did they introduce guns? For God's sake, this is the world of Sonic. Who in their right mind wanted to give the happy universe guns? 
Anyway, a cutscene later plays where Shadow says all he can remember is his name. And a gruesome image. He just loves contradicting himself. We are then presented with an important character. Who is then shot. Seriously, this is her death scene. We've done all the research. But let's get into the gameplay. It follows a strange system where you can choose to take three paths: the good path, the evil path, and the "Meh,  could go either way" path. To get all the levels, you literally have to redo the game five times. Combine that with some painfully difficult controls and you get a game that's fine, but could be much better. WAY better.
By the 15th anniversary of Sonic, the franchise was reaching a big low. Then came Sonic: 2006. Oh, God. Oh God oh God. I haven't played it. But I've seen the cutscenes. I can't bear to watch Sonic kissing a human. Just don't. I even found it on Wikipedia's list of "The Proclaimed Worst Games of All Time", alongside such unforgettable titles as Shaq-Fu, Ninjabread Man, Bubsy 3D, and Custer's Revenge. Look that one up, I dare you. Anyway, the Sonic franchise hit rock bottom. On the plus side, te game was hilarious. Not because it tried to be, but the glitches essentially made the game unplayable. Superman 64, you've met your match. 
A year later, and Sonic make his debut on this new thing called the "Wii". It was revolutionary. But Sonic's game wasn't. In Sonic and the Secret Rings, he gets sucked into "The Arabian Nights". My research was not that good. Considering this was my research. By the looks of it, a genie sucks Sonic into a book where he goes through several lame tasks and runs around a bunch. He has to get the namesake "rings" so this weird guy who looks suspiciously like a California Raisin won't kill him. Blah blah blah. I don't know if this is true, but according to the video, which I believe to be extremely legitimate and parallel to the game (sarcasm), Erazor Djinn, the raisin guy, breaks a copyright claim and is put in jail on accounts of Aladdin. Yeah, that's not right. Anyway, though, getting real, this game sucks.
Then there's Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games, which was, and I kid you not, my first Sonic game. Even though I never really played it. Anyway, it's just as the title suggests. I guess it's okay, even though I suck at javelin throwing. 
Now, in between the time frame between this and the next big game was a series of "meh" games. With the exception of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, but I won't really get into it that much because it's not exactly a Sonic game. So, he tried tennis. I'd like to say something along the lines of "It sucked balls. Tennis balls, to be exact." but I never actually played it. Same goes with Sonic Chronicles: the Dark Brotherhood. I hear reviews about it along the lines of:
"I heard initially of this Sonic RPG coming out. I was pretty excited. I mean, Mario tried it out and nailed it. Unfortunately, when Sonic tried it on for size, it wasn't exactly a good fit."
Then came one of the biggest letdowns of a video game I own. Here's how my story goes:
When I was growing up, my father went on a ton of business trips. He always brought back all kinds of cool stuff. One day, he brought home with him, from London, the Official Nintendo Magazine. And on its cover lay an image of Sonic Unleashed. They had page after page on this game; the levels, the interviews, the plot. I was excited for it. But then I got it.
I popped it into my Wii and decided to start playing. The opening cinematic was pretty awesome by the looks of it. But then, that B-tard Eggman came along and ruined everything by deciding it would be fun to mess with Sonic's DNA. Little did I know, he also ruined 50% of the game.
The story centers around Sonic and this new character named Chip. The guy forgot his memory, and as usual, Sonic goes off to save the day. I hate a pretty good feeling about the game at this point. Granted, the story wasn't good, but how bad could it be? The controls were tight and precise, the soundtrack was breathtaking, and the places. Oh good heavens, the places. So awesome. Background information: several years earlier I took a week vacation to Greece, and in that time, we stopped by the island of Santorini. I fell in love with it. And here Sonic goes, running across a level that's basically identical. Awesome.
But then nighttime comes. Sonic turns himself into a hellhound..... excuse me, hell"hog".. and the game loses it's charm. I saw what they were going for; they wanted an interesting twist. Unfortunately, it was horrible. It was sluggish, mediocre, and the bare opposite of what made Sonic games so great: SPEED. I spent tens of minutes on some levels. So, long story short, big letdown. You can hear more about this some other time. My hands are getting exhausted.
The last big game from this era of failures: Sonic & Sega: All-Stars Racing. Granted, it wasn't as good as a certain mustachioed Italian plumber's, but it was actually a great spin-off. 
The Recent Years: A Culmination
So, as 2010 flew by, many heard word of this new Sonic game. What was it again? Something to do with Colors? Something like Mario Paint. NO. Thankfully, Sega has realized their mistakes and wrongdoings. They tried to abandon the over-usage of horrible gimmicks in gameplay. And much like Sonic himself, the Sonic Team had a new voice, a new intention. Get it? No? Fine.
Of course, though, to stay true to their proud tradition, Sega added a, God forbid, gimmick. The wisps. Thankfully, though, they were actually fine. They didn't take up 50% of all the gameplay, so that's a thing. Nevertheless, the Sonic Team was able to dust off Sonic and actually give him a worthwhile adventure.
But then came, in 2011, a new game. Face it, we all worried Sega would throw in a horrible gimmick. Which they didn't. Instead, they through in a great gimmick. Sonic Generations was a much hyped about game, and it was Sonic's 20th anniversary. But, if we can all recall his last anniversary not ending so well:
And leading to this:

So Sega was in desperate need of  a great idea. And after 20 years, they had their long-awaited epiphany. Some guy in a corner was all like "You know what would be cool? If Sonic turned into a Werehog again." He was fired. But the guy who suggested another storybook adventure, well, he was also fired. But the guy who decided to make a journey across Sonic's history with Modern and Classic Sonic, he deserves to be crowned king of the universe. We all know what Sonic Generations is about, so I won't dive into it. Right now. Maybe later I will. Maybe I won't. I really have no clue, so stop asking.
Which leads us to the question:
"Will Sonic: Lost World take the world by storm? Or will it..... How should I put this delicately... Suck some serious balls?"
Good question indeed.

We have many theories here at the HQ (okay fine, it's just me. *insert Forever Alone face here*). One is that there's some guy at Sega Headquarters with bad ideas. That's likely. We also have one where a spy from Nintendo's past is seeking to destroy Sonic and all Sega stands for. That's less likely. Nevertheless, everybody has their fingers crossed that the new Sonic game won't blow.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Questions That NEED To Be Answered (I)

So, here's how this new article system is going to work. I have questions. Nobody seems willing to give an answer. It's as simple as that. So, here's a question that's been haunting me for a while.

 What's with the Shady Ghost Guys in Super Mario Galaxy 2?
Super Mario Galaxy 2 was, let's face it, an awesome game. But like myself, most people ran across the game without hesitation. So it is a great mystery about these creepy shadowy people on the cliffs of Shiverburn Galaxy. They follow you all across the level, and won't move at all. If you try to hack, you can't access them because they are connected to the background. Upon closer inspection, They are dubbed "Hell Valley Trees" in the game files, and the background is called "Beyond Hell Valley". Many people speculate this may have been linked to a beta version of this game, or possibly a removed galaxy. Still, these guys are a little too creepy to be in a Mario game. And "Hell Valley?" Even I try not to use "Hell" and Mario's a little too cheerful for such a burden. Of course, myths and urban legends like this kind of stuff; the dark corners of the Internet can't get enough of it. Still, I have some theories:
- These guys are just a joke put in by Nintendo.
- They are main antagonists in Super Mario Galaxy Three.
Hey, I didn't say any of my theories were particularly good. Anyways, when I come back to play Super Mario Galaxy 2, I feel kind of uncomfortable doing this galaxy nowadays, with these creepy blokes staring down your neck the whole time. And Nintendo won't answer. why are they here? Who put them here? What was their purpose? Why do I have to eat broccoli? Okay, that last question was just for kicks, but the point still stands. All I can say is I-duhn-luk-em.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Death of Hiroshi Yamauchi

I was, as mentioned earlier, trapped in a vortex for the past week. Unfortunately, I did not hear of the death of Hiroshi Yamauchi. The man was the former president of Nintendo from 1949-2002,  spanning from Arcade Games to the GameCube. The legacy died on the nineteenth of September of complications of pnemonia at the age of eighty-five. We will remember you.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Okay, I have not been up to date lately. I tripped on the stairs, broke through the floor, fell into a time paradox, and drowned in a portal. Then I transcended into a land of toasters bubbling peanuts. Some floating bathtub hit me in the nards, yadda yadda yadda, here I am.

Anyway, in recent news, Miyamoto is still not dead (shut up, fake media), and Wind Waker HD caught the corner of my eye. So yeah, that's a thing.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Totally Random List Time! 9/13/13

All words shall be written in blood..... MWA HA HA HA HA- *cough cough*
Ermf. Anyway, it's Friday the Thirteenth. Well, the day after. Let's take a moment to recognize some creepy guys in video games....... Or else...............

Monoko, Yume Nikki
 A rather discrete game, Yume Nikki is a Japanese downloadable game about a girl who refuses to leave her room and must travel through her creepy dreams. Along the way,m she collects effects that alter her environment OR herself. That aside, adjourn yourself to the White Desert, a barren wasteland with mutilated body parts coming from the ground. enter a tunnel and you will find an innocent-appearing girl by the name of Monoko. Use the Spotlight Effect on her, and a shock video will ensue of her flying back and forth with whatever THIS abomination face-lift is.
 Those who have played this game would probably think, "Why not Uboa?" This is another fairly weird character where when you go in a room and turn off the lights, there's a slim chance a weird face will appear and you will be trapped in the room unless you touch him. The problem is, he's got the most derpy face-lift ever. So, Monoko. 
 What makes this creepier are the many fan theories of what the game is really about. My theory, as well as many others, is that the namesake character was in some sort of violent situation, possibly a car crash, explaining how this appears after using the Spotlight. This would also explain how she refuses to leave her room: out of fear. She possibly can't stand it anymore in the end and-SPOILERSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS- jumps off the building and kills herself.

Otto, Berzerk
 A smiley face? Really, Ordinary Gamer? Well, look into those menacing eyes.... Nothing? Let's proceed.
 At the time, Berzerk was an immensely popular shooter. Back then, it was breathtaking. Nowadays, it looks like a bunch of rectangles and sprites. But back to the 1900s. This creep's job is to hunt you down. When the time runs low, this guys gonna try to kill you. And the creepy thing is, he killed two people. Supposedly. Apparently, once to teenagers reached the high score rank, they suddenly had heart attacks and died as Otto smiled from behind the glass. Also, it doesn't help he's a smiley face. That's pretty weird in itself and adds to the surreal quality of the idea of a smiley face out for you.

Everybody on the GameBoy Camera
This, by the way, is totally the picture from the game. No it's not, actually. This is my relative's dog in Pennsylvania. Pretty good picture, no?....... Fine, let's continue.
 If you liked gritty pictures from your GameBoy that you can deface, this sure-as-heck is the game for you. But that wasn't the weird part. There are options. One includes "Run Away." Click on it. Then, proceed to urinate in your pants, it's totally natural. A creepy picture of a defaced Grandma serial killer will pop up and say "What is there to run away from?", followed by a series of more disturbing images. It was every kid's nightmare to click on this. 

The Doctor from Hatoful Boyfriend
Hatoful Boyfriend is like any other dating simulator  But with one difference. It's kind of small, so you probably won't realize it....... You're a human dating pigeons. If you choose to fall for Shuu, a doctor, you don't do so well. He gives you a cooked bird that looks like his assistant, and among other things, in the end, he kills you with a cleaver. Even more confusing, how does a bird hold a cleaver? This guy was NOT the guy to go after. He's a cannibird: get it? Cannibal-bird? *dead silence.* Ugh, fine. Moving on.

Death from Hatoful Boyfriend
Oh yes. If you thought that Shuu was creepy, Hatoful Boyfriend is filled with really weird stuff. Yes, it's weird enough that you play a human girl amongst a bunch of talking pigeons. But if you fail to connect with the birds, you are kidnapped by a group that is monitoring you at all times as an experiment subject. Then, they assassinate you. You are confronted by a nightmarish vision of Death as a bird. This is odd because the usual cheery colors of the game contrast with this bloke's bleak palette.

The Fire Truck, Putt Putt series
Putt Putt is a kid's game. A point-and-click adventure filled to the brim with stupid characters, this creepy guy puts the "P" in Pedobear. One sentence: "Hey Putt-Putt. Wanna see my water hose?" Umm, no. Definitely not. 

There's a lot more creepy characters in video games, but I'll wait for the next Friday the 13th. Any suggestions? Let me know. 

Youtube Channel Now Open!

I have a Youtube channel. You can find it here. It's just somewhere to see a bunch of things I favorite, like, and comment on and all that stuff. Keep in mind I won't make any videos until I get enough support, as in a lot of blog pageviews and whatnot, so don't get your hopes up. This is just so you can figure out what kind of stuff is stuck in my head right now. See ya later, I guess.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Totally Random List Time! 9/6/13

what makes the decision to buy a game? Video game commercials. What makes you wonder what the heck was going on at Nintendo? Video game commercials. Here are a couple of What-the-F commercials.

Final Fantasy 4: Ikimasu!

It's no surprise that Japan makes some weird commercials. This one, a personal "What the heck were they thinking," involves a slightly excited announcer exclaiming "Final Fantasy  Four. Ikimasu!" (Let's go! in Japanese.) If you wonder what's so great about this commercial, look no further!

Something's Gone Wrong in the Happy-go-Lucky World of Nintendo.
Aww! Mario, Yoshi, DK, and Pikachu are skipping! So cute! Wait..... what are you doing Mario? That was a bit cruel..... HOLY CRAP! One of the first commercial to turn heads, cut it some slack. It at least made a bunch of gamers go Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs (if you know what I mean).

One word..... BAM! A shoot-out occurs. The best part? All of it. Just watch it. Please. Just.... okay?

Genesis Does what Nintendon't.
I was always a little bit more of a Nintendo fan. This commercial kind of made my blood churn. Nintendo didn't do much about Sega, but Sega "SURE AS HECK" loved a good trashing. Then there's this weird mosquito commercial, which is pretty bloody weird (literally). Then, they make fun of Mario Kart. What I guess I'm trying to say is, while I hate the in-your-faceness of Sega, their commercials are, I have a soft-spot for all of their dumb commercials.

So Soft.....
Oh do I love the bait-and-switch. Who could forget that Old Spice commerical of Terry Crews bursting into a laundry detergent commercial? Well Nintendo kind of beat Old Spice to the cake with this odd commercial. It was so successful that a group of scientists tried to rebuild him unsuccessfully. Poor Teddy.

Kirby. Not so Good at, Well, a Lot of Stuff.
Kirby had a good anniversary last year. What better way to celebrate than to question how good Kirby was at stuff in the real world. He hasn't quite got the hang of it yet. Keep trying Kirby! We believe in you!

Kirby. Good at Making his Opponents Suck it.
Kirby, once again, stole our hearts. He's in a race and his opponents can suck it. Literally. Kirby sucks really good. He's good at sucking. He sucks in the sucking. Go Kirby!

A Truly Touching Commercial.
I'm sorry, but Kirby knows how to make commercials. And this time, he plays God to a finger. A creepy commercial to say in the least, if not downright hilarious. I mean COME ON.

What the BLEEP is this?!
Oh, you Australians. Give a boy Jam Sessions and he'll start delivering the F-bomb on his mum. Weird. Word is there's more inappropriate commercials for games aimed towards younger audience. Come on YouTube........

You cannot beat us.
 This is one wet-my-pants commercial. I don't get it. I just don't. It's too weird for me.

Link's Freaking Dance-off.
Back to Japan, where the Hero of Hyrule starts busting a move. Maybe it would be more awesome if Link didn't look like an idiot. You can save Zelda, Link! Dance, Link, Dance! We have faith in you! Keep dancing!

Woah. Nice graphics!
If this wasn't one of the most stereotypical commercial of Americans, it sure was stupid. A grease-slick weirdo hangs with the most stereotypical nerd in the universe as they rap along to the Legend of Zelda. Why, Nintendo, why?
Why does this exist?

Puppet Shows.
I love this commercial. To recreate the epic game that is Link's Awakening, a commercial shows off the game as a horrible puppet show. The fighting scenes look like dance-offs. Walking around looks like dance-offs. EVERYTHING looks like dance-offs.

A great way to advertise a game is to show off how much your parents think it's horrible. This became so infamous for being the weirdest ad campaign EVER. And this lady isn't helping. I mean, she's all like "WAAAAAHH! LOOK AT THAT MONSTA!" How does this help sell a game? Nobody knows, but everybody loves this. Also there's an old lady who goes all crazy saying she'll bash us with a hammer. Deaugh.

Creepy Babies.
Oh, Playstation. Why such creepy commercials? Now I have a fear of mechanical babies. I mean what the heck is this? I'd probably have the same reaction as sponge cake kid if I saw this on my birthday. I mean SERIOUSLY.

PSP. I'd hit that.
I've already lashed on this enough. Just read my Quote of the Day section. It's a nut, that you can play outside. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

That's about it. Any more WTF's for me to go through? Let me know. Until next time.

Just Something Helpful

This new segment will, well, inform you of something that you may need. Missing a Pokemon? Need a code? Look no further! I'm here to help.

I spent quite some time looking for the GTS glitch. You go on a website, choose a Pokemon, and obtain it. Keep in mind I recommend only using it for Pokemon you NEED and have no easy means to get, like say Arceus or Darkrai or Mew. The website is right here:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Breaking News that you Probably Already Know) III

Before we begin, let this be a reminder that I do NOT get news as soon as it's released. I am more of a second-person source, so you'd probably find out before me if you snooped around enough.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In a joked-about twist, a new Nintendo gaming system was unveiled. Would it revolutionize gaming? Probably not. Would it change the shape of Nintendo's history? Again, probably not. But with the 2DS on the horizon, we have to question what is going on?
This device is set to be a cheaper 3DS-kind of system. It will not be capable of stereoscopic 3D effects and will be presented essentially as a slab.
Could this device be the next 3DS? Or a commercial failure like the Virtual Boy? I's been 2 years since the 3DS came out, and practically every Nintendo fan has one. So why a cheaper alternative, years after the initial release? It has no bonuses, some restrictions, and is not going to be as beloved as it's pocket-sized altar-ego.
Nintendo 2DS

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Totally Random List Time! 8/25/13

We're all flooding back into a prison that we like to call the "Public Education System", and boredom may rise within the first ten minutes. Restore the time with a nice, refreshing sip of a bunch of random stuff on lists. (Geez, it sounded more poetic in my mind.) And what better way to spend your time than by reading a list out of sheer boredom. I don't know, ask my cat. She's level 99 by the way.

She's nominee for cutest cat in the universe might I add.

But we're getting off-topic. So without further ado, let's introduce the weirdest Pokemon facts about seemingly innocent Pokemon. And no more cat photos. Maybe.

 Dittos are failed Mew Clones.
The most common acception of a Pokemon theory, it makes a lot of sense the more you think about it. Let's take a look, shall we?
-They weigh the same.
- They are both pink, and are blue when shiny.
- They are the only Pokemon to naturally learn Transform (currently).
If that isn't uncanny enough, they are caught (in the Kanto region) exclusively at the Pokemon Mansion and Cerulean Cave. Any Pokemon Historian can tell you that Pokemon Mansion was where they attempted
to replicate Mew, and Cerulean Cave is home to the successful result of Mewtwo. Thus, Dittos are failed attempts of replicating Mew.

Just because Drifloon is cute, he's still creepy.
Drifloon is, let's face it, aww-dorable. Just because of that, though, he's still a ghost. The Black 2/White 2 entry says that children holding it will sometimes vanish. Just disappear from existence. And where do they go, you might ask? The Japanese entry for Pearl claims it takes them to the "World of the Dead". Also noteworthy, they weigh two pounds. Two FREAKING pounds. They can carry children? Creepy.

Litwick is a "Killa" Candle
Litwick is a candle. A killer candle, that is. It burns fuels absorbed from Pokemon and trainers. They take our lie force, suck it out of us, and use it to power their flame. If that's not weird enough, then try sitting in a room full of white candles and tell me how it felt.

Wobbuffet is a decoy.
The lesser-known theories of Pokemon include this curious one. Numerous Pkedex entries say it tries to hide its tail. This could possibly mean that the entirety of Wobbuffet is a decoy for his tail, which is actually the Pokemon. Not only that, but the Unova entries actually say it's tail holds a secret.

You will most likely never get two identical Spindas.
Less trivia and more common knowledge, it is worth mentioning that Spinda has over four billion variants. (4,294,967,296, to be exact). That's pretty insane, considering that there have to be various different patterns on the not-that-big Spinda sprite.

That should be enough for now. Until next time...... I suppose.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Breaking News (That You Probably Already Know) II

Just like the majority of the Pokemon fanbase, I pay much attention to new announcements (such as And like many others, I've wondered why a bunch of Pokemon don't have any evolutions (I'm looking straight at you, Absol). Well, wonder no more! Now, there is the official addition of "Mega Pokemon," which are essentially super-charged variants. As far as I know of, the majority (if not all) of these "Mega" variants come from some sort of Mega Stone. Such Pokemon capable of these events include the aforementioned Absol, Lucario, Ampharos, Awakened Mewtwo variant, Mawile, and Blaziken. One more confirmed addition is Kangaskhan, which haves the baby finally step out of its pouch.
Above: The Mega Ampharos. ReadyWhip makes everything epic.
For more details on Mega Evolutions, visit

In other Pokemon News, several events will be coming for non-Japanese players. In the US, you can obtain a Shiny Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina. All are level 100 and come in the exclusive Cherish Ball.

Shiny Dialga available from 8/19- 9/8.
Shiny Palkia available from 9/9- 9/29.
Shiny Giratina available from 9/30- 10/20.

Lastly for the Pokemon world is a future event for a Mega Stone to use alongside a distributed Torchic. 
The most recent trailer can be found here:

Three-Month Forecast: Upcoming Game Forecast

New Super Luigi U (Retail): August 25, 2013*
Final Fantasy XIV Online: August 27, 2013**** (Online)
Grand Theft Auto V: September 17, 2013**** (PS3)
Beyond: Two Souls: October 8, 2013**** (PS3)
Pokemon X/Y Versions: October 12, 2013**
Sonic Lost World: October 22, 2013*
(Not all games are announced.)

*- Wii U
**- 3DS
***- Wii U and 3DS
****- Other

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

8/12/13 Fun Facts of the Day

Lately, I've been thinking about the minor differences in games. You know, mostly between Japanese versions and worldwide releases. They can be anywhere between easily overlooked to utterly minblowing, so I've decided to share my favorite ones. Keep in mind they are not specific to regional differences.

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Larson's house as a frightening secret in the Japanese version. The chalk outline of a Toad, accompanied by dried blood lies on the floor sets quite the graphic mood for a Mario game. If anyone has pictures, please let me know.

In Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, at the Starbeans cafe, there were to be multiple cameo appearances of other Nintendo characters, including Link, Olimar, Samus, Wario, and an Excitebike racer. These were presumeably removed because of how it glorified caffeine.

In Super Mario RPG, Bowser's victory animation was changed as well, as in the Japanese version, he makes an obscene gesture meaning "Up yours!"

The Legend of Zelda series in particular is a gold-mine of censorship. Her are a select few:

In Ocarina of Time, it is notable that an Islamic Chant in the Fire Temple was removed, because of Nintendo of America's distaste for religious references in video games.

Similarly, In a Link to the Past, the Eastern Palace originally had a tile similar to the Star of David, the Hylian language was visually similar to hieroglyphics.

The Skull Kids have black faces and large lips. Their faces were later changed because it had similarities to blackface, a technique used to poke fun at the African-American community. This is very similar to the censorship of the Pokemon Jynx. For the release of the Majora's Mask, however, their mouths were replaced by beaks and they had straw-like skin, completely covering up the situation.

The German version of Link's Awakening also has some rather strange stuff. Enemies called Buzzblobs and by sprinkling magical powder on them, they will say unusual lines, including "Not without a condom." Another example is that the hippo character has exposed breasts.

The Pokemon series also had its fair share of censorship, mostly revolving around character sprites. In addition,  the TV show also had plenty of problems.

Characters in Gold and Silver had their sprites, such as the sage no longer praying and the Beauties no longer winking. Similarly, in Diamond and Pearl, Swimmers had their briefs changed to trunks.

Alongside the aforementioned Jynx scandal, other Pokemon sprites were problematic. Some examples include:
- In Diamond and Pearl, Registeel's sprite was changed for European releases because it used the Hitler salute.

In Red, Blue, and Yellow, there is a man in Viridian City blocking your path. His daughter states he hasn't had his morning coffee and can't get up, but in the Japanese version, he's supposedly drunk.

More events occurred in the anime. Examples include:

-The Jynx occurrence in an episode called "Holiday Hi-jinks" led to the episode being cancelled.
- An episode called "Beauty and a Beach" featured a disturbing segment where Team Rocket's James tries to win a beauty contest with inflatable breast-thingies. It is also notable that the episode shows sexual interest in Misty wearing a bikini.

- A special episode called "The Legend of Dratini" was censored due to the Safari Zone owner pointing guns at Ash and friends, alongside Meowth sporting an appearence disturbingly similar to Hitler.
-The most famous case was the notorious "Electric Soldier Porygon". One segment had horrifying strobe lights which sent hundreds of children to the hospital causing seizures. Due to this, the  episode was never shown again and never left Japan.

Other issues include similarities to a Japanese tsunami and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The game Earthbound also had a lot of censorship by Nintendo of America, including:

- Bars were changed to Cafes.
- Oddly, the window options have a minor difference. While not exactly censored, the options are changed to flavors, i.e. Mint becoming Mint Flavor.
- When Pokey knocks on the door, the Japanese version shows a speech bubble that says "Don" whereas the American text bubble says "!". "Don" is a form of Japanese onomatopoeia to represent knocking.
- Pokey's parents were originally more, well, abusive. When he gets in trouble for arriving home late, in the Japanese version, he gets a spanking, signified by "Oh, my butt hurts." while in other versions, it says his dad banned him from eating desserts for the rest of the decade.
-When Lardna freaks out over a housefly, the Japanese version has her say "Eeeek! A pesky toilet fly! Die and go to Hell!" This was changed to "I'll smash its guts out!"
- In Japan, the pencil-shaped pencil you are tasked with destroying is actually an octopus statue.
- In Ness' dream, in the Japanese version, he is fully naked.

That's about it. Until next time!

Monday, August 5, 2013

My Roster for Super Smash Bros 4

So, if you use this magical tool called Google and search SSB4, you will find thousands of predicted rosters. So, I decided "What the heck. I have a blog. I have intellegence. I love video games. Why can't i do such a thing?" So here I am. These are the new guys I'm rooting for.

Professor Layton:
oh, come on. he has all the potential, and you have no idea what he has hidden under the brim of his hat. he could confuse enemies with his brain-numbing puzzles, and his IQ probably has psychic capabilities. I mean, why not?

Banjo and Kazooie:
Let me tell you one thing: I never played Banjo and Kazooie, and I'm pretty such I'm not even spelling it correctly. The thing is, these guys have been on pretty much every list I've seen. So why not?

I couln't overlook Fi. I mean, come on! She is the spirit of Link's sword. There's some capabilities there already.

Rosalina is one of the better new Mario characters. The mysterious queen of the cosmos kicks Katamari's butt. She has the power to control the Lumas, whom she grew up with during her lonely life. Her enigmatic mystique is perfect for the game.

Yarn Kirby:
In one of the greatest Kirby spin-offs of all time, Kirby made his debut as a yarn hero. There have been plenty of other characters based off other characters directly, such as Toon Link and Young Link, so why not Yarn Kirby? His capabilities are far more different than normal Kirby's and nobody can capture his charismatic essence better.

Last time, Nintendo delivered the surprise by adding the world's favorite hedgehog into a crazed melee, so why not his dorky but lovable sidekick? He could fly with his tails, use his inventions for comedic purposes, and take his opponent down with the Tornado-1.

Everybody's favorite squirrel, who I want soap shoved into. You know what? Scratch that. He's way too vile and bile, respectively.

A Sixth generation Pokemon:
Last brawl, Lucario unleashed his aura onto the battlefield. So, let me ask; why ever not a Pokemon to represent the newest region?

Wisps (Sonic Colors):
No. Not as a player, but an assist trophy. They have so many unusual and wild capabilities, I'm sure they could release pleasant havoc onto the fight.

There are also some stages I want to see:

Gateway Planet (Super Mario Galaxy)
One of the pinnacles of our beloved plumber's career was his intergalactic adventure, and there's nothing I'd love to see more than this planet brought to liven up the game.

Rooftop Run (Sonic Unleashed/Sonic Generations)
While Sonic Unleashed was part of the string that turned Sonic into a mess, nothing was more fun than rooftop run. Smashing through windows, dashing the cobblestone streets, and sprinting the rooftops. Come on, what's not to love?

That about wraps up my short list. Fingers crossed!

Breaking News (That you Probably Already Know)

Here at the Ordinary Gamer HQ (on a sofa) we have some rather awful news to lay upon all the Smash Bros. fans. While it may be a couple days late,I shall deliver the news, via passenger pigeon, to your computer screens.

Unfortunately, Masahiro Sakurai, lead producer in the project, has decided to remove a story mode and those beautiful cutscenes for the upcoming release. He has stated that he likes the initial thrill and decided not to have them because he didn't want the player should see such things outside the game, as it could ruin play experience.

Similarly, the player roster will not be larger than that of SSBB, possibly even shorter. However, if you were able to push clone characters aside (I see right through you, Captain Falcon and Ganondorf) there could be great possibilities.

In addition furthermore, alongside the so-far announced debuts of "Blue-Bomber" Megaman, "Vicious Villager......" well Villager, and the Wii Fitness Trainer, there will be an announced character to represent Namco, who is credited for working on the game.

For the aforementioned news, hopefully Sakurai was using the bait-and-switch on us, and hopefully there will be more characters.

Friday, August 2, 2013

8/2/13 Fun Facts of the Day

Today is a special edition of Fun Facts; it will be focused on the curiosities surrounding music, and not the giant bust that is Wii Music. What I mean is that I will examine music across an array of video games and find their secrets. So, let's dig in.

Topping off our list, it is notable that the Sonic series has had its fair share of music fun-stuffs if you know what I mean (which you probably don't, because I don't know what it means either). For example, the main composer of Sonic Rush, Hideki Naganuma drew inspiration from other music pieces. This can be seen due to the striking similarity with  the piece back 2 Back ( and Louie Louie by Richard Berry (most obviously seen when Back 2 Back is played at the one minute mark). Another more unusual example is that the music piece, Wrapped in Black (, oddly enoigh, uses audio from a speech by Malcolm X, a famous African-American human rights activist.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Peach's Final Smash move plays a rather peculiar track. When slowed down drastically, it is revealed to be the Coin Heaven theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, aka the proclaimed "greatest Mario game of all time". (Pfffffft. Greatest? What a bunch of bologna.)

While not related to music, this fact is pertaining to sound. In Super Mario 64, if you take Bowser's laugh and speed it up, it actually makes the sound of a Boo. Hence, the Boo's voice is just Bowser's sped up.

The underwater theme from Super Mario Bros. 3 bares a striking resemblance to the fairy theme from Ocarina of Time.  Their similarity can be seen in this video:

Oddly enough, a music piece called Rydeen by the Yellow Magic Orchestra can be found in four games from the 1980s: Super Locomotive ('82), Trooper Truck ('83), Ocean Loader ('84), and Stryker's Run ('86). The music can be heard here: Groovy.

Lastly, one of the most troll-lol-lol-lol-ish urban legends in Pokemon: Lavender Town Syndrome. Supposedly, the original soundtrack caused young children to commit suicide and all sorts of other nonsensical crap. There are even Youtube videos alluding to it; one such video says that by adding extra soundwaves, the soundwaves create an image of Haunter and the Unown spelling for "Go Away". Whatever.

DISCLAIMER: Lavender town syndrome does not exist and has never existed. No such events have happened causing deaths of children based on a video game. However, Katamari games are known to give the Ordinary Gamer effects of strong headaches and nausea.

That's about it. See ya later!

Monday, July 29, 2013

7/29/13 Fun Facts of the Day

For this Fun fact of the Day, I'm going to share some triva about everybody's favorite game (to which  I repeatedly yammered on about in other posts), this is going to be the last one for a while (maybe).

There are several interesting beta elements that were removed from the Animal Crossing GameCube title.
-The sickle, presumably for use in some kind of farming feature. If hacked, it appears as a net in the inventory, but once equipped, it looks like nothing.
-The blue fish, an enigmatic item most likely used to test fish items.
-Unknown, an item that appears as a triangle with the Japanese characters for "DUMMY" on it.
-The paper airplane, a toy with no actual purpose.....

If your a hardcore gamer, you've probably heard of Totaka's Song. It's a 19-note melody you may find hidden in several games. For example, in Animal Crossing: City Folk (AKA Let's go to the City), if you wait a while on the bus at the beginning, the driver (Kapp'n) will whistle it. Its most recent appearence is in New Leaf, where DJ K.K. will occasionally play among his mixes. The irony is heightened by the fact that K.K. Slider is a reference to Totaka himself.

Originally, in New Leaf, there was an ability to pan for gold......... Wait. What?

There is a glitch character hidden within the first Animal Crossing game. Going under the name of "Blazel" among fans, it appears as a cross of the villagers Bliss and Hazel. It can only be accessed through hacking, and will repeat a dialogue sample from Kapp'n.

Oddly enough, in the original Animal Crossing, you can play classic NES games, including Clu Clu Land, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out!!!, Balloon Fight, and Super Mario Bros. While they don't appear in other games, there are some crossovers, including several themed items for Mario, Metroid, Pikmin, and the Legend of Zelda, as well as the furniture piece "Arcade Machine" showing two characters with red and green clothing and hats....... hmmm.....

Lastly, one I noticed myself. I have not seen it anywhere else on the Internet. When at Re-tail, if you use any of the emotions, Cyrus and Reese will occasionally do it as well. So you can have some fun with that.

Well, that's about it. Until next time!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

QR Code for Animal Crossing: New Leaf

One of the great new features of Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the ability to use other people's QR Codes to obtain their customized designs. This is one of my favorites, a Sonic the Hedgehog T-Shirt, which is somewhat ironic considering the upoming release of Sonic: Lost World. To scan, interact with the sewing machine once it is obtained, overwrite one of your designs, and scan the QR Codes. Enjoy!

Sonic and Matthew Approved!
If the QR Codes are too small, copy and paste the image and increase the dimensions. ALL CREDIT GOES TO TUMBLR USER "somegrayguy".

Thursday, July 18, 2013

7/18/13 Fun Facts of the Day

On this Fun Facts of the Day, I will reveal some trivia about everybody's favorite overall-wearing plumber, Mario. SO without further ado, let's a-go! (finally, a time where that makes sense)

Everybody knows Goombas, right? Those walking brown mushrooms? WRONG! They are actually chestnuts. Nevertheless, this claim isn't really supported by the fact that, if you step on them, they flatten completely as if they are inflated.
Admit it. At one point, this guy killed us a couple of times.
This is a fairly well-known one. The Koopas, such as Paratroopas, Bowser, and the Koopalings, all deprive from the mythical creature, the Kappa. While many accounts of the mythical creatures differ, they all have shells like that of Bowser.

Did you know that Yoshi wasn't always supposed to be a dinosaur? He was orignially going to be a Koopa, and the saddle was supposed to be his shell.

You've heard of World -1, haven't you? The place accessed by ducking on the pipe and going through the wall at the exit of 1-2? While many consider this an easter egg, it was actually a genuine glitch. It was created by the game itself off of unused data.

There are plenty of other glitch levels as well. It's hard to explain, but while playing the original Mario Bros, take the cartridge out, and put in a Tennis game. (Sorry, I'm shaky on details.) Play for a little bit before switching that game out for Mario again. The amount of steps taken in the Tennis game determines what glitch area you will go to.

There is a theory about Super Mario Bros. 3. All the blocks have shadows, floating platforms typically are hung from the ceiling, and Mario exits each level at right into an area without a backdrop. The game never actually happened: It was all just a play.

Like other video game character, Mario doesn't seem to age as he gets older. This, however, is countered by the fact that Mario is a baby in Yoshi's Island. Also, while Yoshi is first revealed to be trapped in an egg by Bowser in Super Mario World, he doesn't seem to acknowledge the fact that he actually nurtured Mario in his childhood. This is kind of confusing, eve though it's often overlooked.

That's it for today. See you later, and feel free to leave comments!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Animal Crossing: New Leaf: Coelacanth Fishing Tips

Trying to Find the Coelacanth in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Okay, so if anyone has ever heard of Animal Crossing, they sure as heck know of that dastardly coelacanth. I am pleased to announce that for the first time, I finally caught one of those guys. Out of pure happiness, I have decided to share some of my secrets to any struggling fisherman.

- This is the simplest step EVER, and for any veteran player, this is common sense. They can ONLY be caught in the middle of a thunderstorm or snowstorm.
-Everybody claims you can only catch it early in the morning or late at night. WRONG. I caught one at 5:30. I think that maybe they appear at a randomly selected time frame, but I'm not quite sure.
- All fishermen hate sea bass. The large fish raises the hopes of all fishermen reeling them in, hoping it to be a rare fish, and ultimately destroys any dreams they have. In New Leaf, however, there is a simple difference: Coelacanth's are slightly longer than the shadows of sea bass. It's shadow is the same size as that of the Napoleonfish.
-Location in the ocean does NOT make a difference. Scratch all of that gibberish like "They are more common near waterfalls" and "wear a snorkel" or "spin around a bajillion times to become lucky." There are no ways to increase chances of finding one.
-They are found exclusively in the ocean, but like all other ocean fish, they can be caught at the Tropical Seas. However, I recommend the ocean, because there is not the chances to reel up more common (though still slightly rare) fish such as the Giant Trevally, caught only on the Island.

Anyone else had luck? Has my advice helped? Please leave comments!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Let's Take a Look: Pokemon X and Y

The upcoming Pokemon game, Pokemon X and its variant Y, has shed some new light to the Pokemon series. Tread carefully, though. There will be spoilers....

I Choose You!
Every Pokemon game has starters. You know, those Pokemon that the trainer usually has throughout the whole game? Well, a new region means new starters, so let's take a look:
The Fire-type is a Fox Pokemon named Fennekin. It feasts on twigs, and its ears can heat up to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Grass-type is some kind of Chesnut called Chespin. He is a pretty mellow guy who never worries about the small things in life, and is curious. He also has a hard shell covering his head and back.

Lastly is a Water-type Pokemon Froakie, a frog. He is skilled at jumping and has protective bubbles on its chest and back, much like Chespin.

The The Good, The Bad, and the Fairy
For the first time in a REALLY long time, a new type has been added; the Fairy type. Little is known about it thus far, but it is super effective against Dragon types.
it is super-effective against Dragon-types, so now we have a Pokemon that can beat the crap out of Dragonite.
Dragonite is unimpressed. RAAAAAAAAAAAGE!
Several Pokemon now are part Fairy-type, including Jigglypuff, Marill, and Gardevoir. There will also be new Pokemon, such as a flower Pokemon named Flabebe and a new Eevee-lution, Sylveon.
For all who fantasized of a pink Eevee.
One, Two, Three....
No longer just a joke or pile of random youtube videos, There is now a Mewthree. It is a new form of Mewtwo, known as "Awakened Mewtwo". However, that's pretty much all I know.

Legen- what for it-Dary.
There are two new headlining legendaries to represent each game. The first is Xerneas, which appears to be an elk or deer with multicolored antlers. With its legs spread out, it should look like an X.

The other is some sort of flying creature called Yveltal. When it spreads its arms during flight, it forms the shape of a Y.

There are numerous other Pokemon to make their debut in the brand-new Kalos region, but I won't spoil too much. The games are scheduled to come out in October. I look forward to these games, and you should as well.... They look pretty sweet. Until next time, See you!